Judge Profile

Jonathan Wan

Director, Global Customer Experience and Marketing
Japan Airlines

Jonathan is the Director of Global Customer Experience and Marketing at Japan Airlines, responsible for driving growth through digital and communication initiatives across JAL’s international markets. With over 10 years of experience in the marketing industry, he oversees the planning and execution of multi-regional campaigns spanning across Asia Pacific, Europe, and North America.   

Jonathan has lived in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Switzerland and Japan. Having experienced a multitude of cultures, he is an advocate for diversity and the need for relevant, cross-cultural personalization.   

Prior agency experience allows Jonathan to combine both marketing and business objectives to achieve meaningful results at JAL. Most recently, he was responsible for streamlining internal marketing and agency structure to effectively respond to the rapidly changing market needs due to Covid-19. 

In addition to marketing, Jonathan is also a proponent of incorporating behavioral economics and design thinking to create more human-centric digital experiences. 

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