Judge Profile

Min Lai

Regional Digital & CRM Director

Min Lai designs and implements digital and ecommerce strategies for multinational corporations, transforming single channel online sites to multi-faceted market retailers.

Min has dedicated the past 16 years to expanding the online retail experience across the Asia Pacific region. With a special focus on Greater China, Min has led digital transformations, run digital branding campaigns, launched and optimized direct ecommerce sites and ecommerce marketplaces like Tmall, Kakao Gifting, Amazon, and incorporated her passion for data driven digital strategy.

An early adopter of ecommerce platforms in China for international brands, Min and her team launched more than 10 flagship stores on Tmall, JD, Red and other major platforms. Having 5 consecutive target beating 11.11 events, 5 mid-year sales, and Super Brand Days under her belt, Min is an expert in the Chinese ecommerce eco system and understands the intricacies and rules of each platform.

Leading the digital & CRM team in L’Occitane and being part of the digital evolution force in the companies she worked for, Min understands the internal and external challenges and has first-hand experience working with various departments and countries teams within the company. Min has successfully managed external agencies, ochestering smooth execution of digitalization. From onmichannel retail experience consistency, expanding the customer base, and building loyalty, data driven approaches played a crucial part.

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