Judge Profile

Alice Au

Group Director Digital Marketing
Wharf Hotels

Being a veteran in Digital and CRM, Alice is holding over 20 years of experience in customer-centric marketing management specialised in marketing automation and integrated marketing. Alice had worked for companies renowned for digital innovations including Estee Lauder Companies, DFS Group, and PCCW, etc. During her earlier stage in hospitality while she was with Langham Hospitality Group and Sino Hotels, she had given birth to the ever first Hotel Loyalty Programme Mobile App to be downloadable from iPhone App Store and also had won two accolades for her hotels in the first ECOMMAS Awards back in ‘2017.

Alice is currently Group Head of Digital Marketing for Wharf Hotels, spearheading the group’s intensifying digital transformation - rethinking the digital future in hospitality to fuel the transformation.  Alice’s remit will foster the deployment of new technology & innovations to achieve customer engagement through results-driven Digital Marketing for both the Niccolo and Marco Polo Hotels brands worldwide.

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